BTesfaye Robeley God's grace, Tesfaye has devoted nearly 14 years of his life to cult-related research and outreach in Ethiopia. Tesfaye is the most prolific Christian author in Ethiopia with 16 books and almost 100 articles. Five of his books are standard textbooks in diploma level Bible schools in virtually all Evangelical denominations in Ethiopia. During his time at Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church he was the head of their literature department and chief editor of the denominational magazine, "Kale Heywet". Prior to this appointment he was Bible translator and reviewer at International Bible Society (IBS) for its Amharic Standard Bible with its study notes. He was also chief editor of "The Bible League Topical Bible". He is founder and a fulltime employed director of The Society For Apologetics.

Tesfaye is married to Samrawit Ermias and have three sons, Athanasius, Anastasis, and Jonathan.

Tesfaye is currently pursuing doctoral program in Christian Apologetics at Southern Seminary.

School: Calvin Theological Seminary
Program: Master of Theological Studies
Concentration: Philosophical Theology

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